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Eric’s Plea Signing Date 3/3/2016

  After almost a year and a half of pre-trial detention in shitty conditions, court battles and other legal woes,   and facing threats of forty years in prison, Eric King has finally… Continue reading

Am I angry or hungry a poem by Eric King

Am I angry or hungry starving and shaking throw a punch or take a bite cook a meal or start a fight? In what world does canned spoiled fruit and beans count as… Continue reading

“how did McDavid handle it when the judge said 19?” a Poem by Eric King

  This is a feeling you can’t escape its an empty loneliness, I know it me by myself despite a strong team back in the boxing ring keep hoping that i’ll wake from… Continue reading

New Support Material and Update on fundraiser

So first of all I would love to announce that our primary fundraiser goal has been met thanks to his amazing comrades! We are so excited overwhelmed by everyone’s solidarity be it donating… Continue reading

“A poem about being institutionalized” by Eric King

art found here http://apiedimonte.deviantart.com/art/Jail-cell-1of-2-39677420 There’s no more bridges roses, flowers or gardens mutual friendship is foreign a dream like a soft mattress territorial beast w/out their homes no take out, just shake downs… Continue reading

“We Forget” a poem by Eric King

Hometown heroes forget we exist within morality the person shooting up was once someone’s everything cuddly kids call the president a primate, cause they hate his pigment not racist if it’s politics just… Continue reading

A poem about freedom by Eric King

One day the water that feeds              the grass Will wash away the stain      of captivity off me The clouds will open their arms in a                       Warm embrace Years of hurt and abstract existence… Continue reading

Un-titled poem by Eric King

There’s more to life than Judgements And gavels Dogmas and logos, division and Squalor There’s more to love than ego & control Connections between beating hearts And the rain that feeds the soil.… Continue reading