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Support T-Shirts Are Back!!!

http://fnd.us/316cDf?ref=sh_a4jVK6   Support Eric King T-Shirts are back!! We’re excited to announce that the Eric King support t-shirts are in! Show your solidarity by ordering one today! We’re asking for a $20 donation… Continue reading

Untitled Poem by Eric King

For some reason in my mind thinking this would be just fine Take a few years to relax & unwind I’ve never eaten well enough to fret on what’s not there been ages… Continue reading

“One of these days I’m gonna break these chains” a poem by Eric King

I wake up alone in a box that ain’t my home without the love I call my own people who live  in glass houses I envy them all people who live in cages… Continue reading

“Oh the life of a snitch” a poem by Eric King

Oh, the life of a snitch you get caught with a ki won’t even do 3 that’s one hell of a plea you’re a snitch! *** Number one on your conspiracy but you’d… Continue reading

Them bronze keys a poem by Eric King

Them bronze keys o’ they rattle am i free or starting battle Them slammed doors how they wake my battered spirit they tried to break Them bronze keys open my food tray guards… Continue reading

Urgent support needed-Call into CCA Leavenworth *UPDATED*

Eric has been held in disciplinary segregation since February 24th after being accused of throwing his shoes at a guard during a shakedown of the cells while the whole prison was on lockdown.… Continue reading

Update to court information 3/3

  To everyone planning on heading to court on Thursday afternoon to support EK, here are the updated specifics:   When: Thursday, March 3rd, at 1:30 pm Where: Courtroom 8A – District Judge,… Continue reading

Eric’s Plea Signing Date 3/3/2016

  After almost a year and a half of pre-trial detention in shitty conditions, court battles and other legal woes,   and facing threats of forty years in prison, Eric King has finally… Continue reading

Eric has been placed back in segregation.

It has come to our attention through Eric’s attorney that he has been placed in the hole again during the shake-down of the facility. He has been told that he will have a… Continue reading

“They build walls to hold” a poem by Eric King

They build walls to hold to separate and destroy They build prisons to enslave to rip hearts to shreds They build planes to attack and build plants to make bombs They build borders… Continue reading