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“One of these days I’m gonna break these chains” a poem by Eric King

I wake up alone in a box that ain’t my home without the love I call my own people who live  in glass houses I envy them all people who live in cages… Continue reading

“Oh the life of a snitch” a poem by Eric King

Oh, the life of a snitch you get caught with a ki won’t even do 3 that’s one hell of a plea you’re a snitch! *** Number one on your conspiracy but you’d… Continue reading

“Walk away or fight” a poem by Eric King

  People say to be strong but never say or mention where to absorb strength from is it strength that risk of the hole over a lack of vegetables or reckless rebellion maybe… Continue reading

Eric’s Plea Signing Date 3/3/2016

  After almost a year and a half of pre-trial detention in shitty conditions, court battles and other legal woes,   and facing threats of forty years in prison, Eric King has finally… Continue reading

Eric has been placed back in segregation.

It has come to our attention through Eric’s attorney that he has been placed in the hole again during the shake-down of the facility. He has been told that he will have a… Continue reading

“We Forget” a poem by Eric King

Hometown heroes forget we exist within morality the person shooting up was once someone’s everything cuddly kids call the president a primate, cause they hate his pigment not racist if it’s politics just… Continue reading

Support shirts are in!!

Support Eric King T-Shirts are Here! We’re excited to announce that the Eric King support t-shirts are in! Show your solidarity by ordering one today! We’re asking for a $20 donation per shirt.… Continue reading

Eric’s birthday is coming up!! (August 2nd)

Eric’s 29th birthday is coming up on August 2nd! If anyone wants to send him some love and solidarity there are a few ways; Send a card or write a letter: Eric King… Continue reading

Update On Solitary Confinement 7-14-2015

Was able to visit Eric this last week! He is still working  through  some medical things but is feeling  strong and in good spirits! This month marks 6 months being held in solitary… Continue reading

New Federal Trial Date (10/26) and Update

A quick update for supporters around the world. A continuance has been filed for Eric King’s federal trial, pushing the trial date back from July13th to October 26th. We will keep you updated on the… Continue reading